Robbie Williams and wife Ayda Field expecting second baby: Those left nauseous after ‘we’re practising’ overshare can finally stop worrying


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It all started with a serious case of TMI – that’s far ‘Too Much Information’, for those unfamiliar with the abbreviation.

Audiences who tuned in to see a wide-eyed Robbie Williams swaggering onto Alan Carr’s Chatty Man show in March 2013 were left feeling a little green around the gills, after the former Take That star announced that he and his wife, Ayda Field, were already “practising” for their second child.

Well, now we can all stop worrying and. The couple, who welcomed Theodora “Teddy” Rose in September 2012, confirmed that all their, erm, hard work had finally paid off, choosing the most public, oversharing method with which break the news.

“Ayda and I are delighted to announce that Theodora Rose Williams is going to be a big sister,” he tweeted, signing off with an equally queasy “RW xxx”.

Thus far, Williams has described his experience of parenthood as “euphoric” and said that “everything changed” with the birth of his daughter.

In order to drum up funds for extra nappies, a cot, and perhaps a new nanny, Williams kicked off his tour in Hungary last week as part of his Swings Both Ways tour. Which is also more information about Gary Barlow’s right hand man than perhaps we needed.

He’s also taking to the UK for a 17-show run in June and July. You have been warned.

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