Robert De Niro gatecrashes a stranger’s World Cup party to watch Germany vs USA

The Godfather actor stops filming The Intern to join a group of stranger’s football gathering

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Imagine watching the World Cup with Robert De Niro in your house.

Picture the scene: the Godfather actor sat next to you on the couch, maybe with a beer and some crisps, cheering loudly, perhaps joining in with a few patriotic sing-alongs. Maybe you'd ask him to relay some of his most famous lines; he would probably politely decline.

This actually happened, of sorts, to one Brooklyn resident who found themselves hosting the veteran screen star yesterday.

De Niro halted filming of his new movie The Intern so that he could watch the World Cup at a neighbouring house.

He was in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill district when he asked to take a break in order to watch yesterday’s USA vs Germany game.

Warner Bros emailed a local apartment block to ascertain whether anyone could facilitate De Niro’s sporting request, a resident told Business Insider.

“Our lead actor, Robert DeNiro, would very much like to watch the World Cup game, today at 12pm,” the email said.

“Would it be possible to place a small portable satellite on the building rooftop ASAP and run a cable to the street to help facilitate this request?”

Eventually, the actor ended up watching it at a local’s house where people were watching the game – who were undoubtedly pleased by his Bill Murray-style impromptu visit.

“We got another email from a neighbour saying he talked to the crew and apparently he found a house of people watching it and joined them,” the neighbour said.