Robert De Niro has no time for the White House mannequin challenge

And we can't really blame him

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The mannequin challenge continues to plod along as an ostensibly pointless, hugely viral social media trend that will eventually prove boring to the masses and disappear from feeds. 

If you are one of those already sick of it, you're in good company. A bored looking Robert De Niro seemed less than impressed to be involved in one alongside other high-profile figures receiving their Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama.

The ‘challenge’ involves everyone in a room standing completely still while someone on video weaves in and out, capturing the scene on camera. So far we have seen Hillary Clinton and her campaign team, including Bon Jovi, complete the challenge as well as a reunified Destiny’s Child. On Tuesday, prior to the awards ceremony, the number of famous people in one room essentially playing a game of statues reached new heights.

Tracee Ellis Ross, the Black-ish actress and daughter of Medal of Freedom honouree Diana Ross shared the video on Instagram where Tom Hanks and his wife Rita, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates and more can be seen standing perfectly still. The clip kicks off with a blinking De Niro suggesting he did not fully grasp the concept, or just couldn’t care less.

The Taxi Driver actor, who became the subject of a viral video himself throughout the election campaign, probably had bigger things on his mind and may well have been contemplating the Trump presidency while standing in the White House. Last week he described his battle to come to terms with a Trump presidency, comparing the feeling to the way he felt after 09/11.

Robert De Niro comforts Ellen DeGeneres after she becomes emotional accepting her medal (Getty)

The 73-year-old's stern exterior dropped when he was on hand to comfort Ellen DeGeneres who was overcome with emotion after Mr Obama commended her bravery in coming out 20 years ago and the work she has done for LGBT rights since.