Robson Green really doesn’t like famous tax avoiders – especially that 'w****r Jimmy Carr'

The actor voices his somewhat disparaging views on those who have avoided paying taxes

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Robson Green has a few choice words for to tax avoiders.

His sentiments were targeted at the numerous celebrities who have allegedly used legal tax avoidance schemes, including Jimmy Carr, Gary Barlow, Sir Michael Caine and David Beckham.

"Do you know what, anybody who tells me they’re not going to pay tax... We’ve got an NHS system on its knees," said Green.

"I tell you what, my son was in real trouble when he was young and we took him to the hospital, there were four specialists waiting for him.

"That’s why you pay your taxes. We’ve got a police system who protect us, we’ve got firemen who put out fires.

"We’ve got defence, man. That’s what tax is for. Why don’t you want to invest in that? I don’t get it.

"These f***ers who try to avoid it should hang their heads in shame."

In June 2012, Carr apologised for his "terrible error of judgment" in using a tax avoidance scheme.

Earlier this month, Barlow apologised to "anyone who was offended by the tax stories earlier this year" and said that a new team of accountants are "working to settle things with all parties involved ASAP".

Beckham’s publicist said that "the Beckhams have always paid their taxes in full and have never been involved in aggressive tax avoidance schemes".

A spokesperson for Michael offered a "no comment" when approached by The Independent, while a representative for Caine could not be reached.

However, it is Carr whom Green holds most vitriol for.

"That comedian. What’s his name? Carr? W***er. I mean, just w***er.

"No, he’s not getting away with it for me. Sorry, there are people dying because we don’t pay our taxes," Green told The Radio Times.

"I’m proud to be a 50% taxpayer, very proud of it.

"Sorry, you’re not getting away with it. Shame on you... because you didn’t pay your tax."