Rod Stewart left to pay huge bar tab after offering fans in Celtic kits a 'free beer' following Vegas residency

Turns out a lot of people in Las Vegas like the idea of a free drink

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Rod Stewart. Crooner. Performer. Wearer of effortlessly messy hair. And now the singer can add ‘alcoholic philanthropist’ to his list of achievements after offering fans a free drink and footing a huge bill.

Stewart completed his fourth year in residency at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace yesterday in Las Vegas and, clearly in the mood to celebrate, decided to buy some of his fans a drink if they attended his gig.

He tweeted that anyone in Gordon Ramsey's Pub (located in Caesars Palace) on the night of the gig could get a free beer from him.

The catch: they had to wear a Celtic kit.

Stewart tweeted the generous offer, perhaps assuming there wouldn’t be many people in Las Vegas who would bave a Celtic top with him.

He was wrong.


Stewart was so inundated by fans wanting a beer that he had to impose a new rule insisting they prove they were actually at the gig by bringing their ticket with them.

You don't get that with Beyonce, do you?


While the 'celebratory pint' might have set him back a sizeble amount, the good news is Stewart is releasing a new abum later this year, just in time for Christmas, so he will probably have more than a few coins in his purse.