Roger Moore claims that Frank Sinatra’s Mafia ties were exaggerated

The actor says much of the speculation came after strangers' visits to his dressing room

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Roger Moore says that Frank Sinatra wasn’t as strongly linked with the Mafia as speculation would have us believe.

The former Bond actor claims that most of the rumours came after numerous unknown visitors had their picture taken with Sinatra in his dressing room.

The singer’s relationship with the Mafia has long been rumoured, although never proven.

“How many times have I had my picture taken this week?” Moore said to the Huffington Post. “Frank told me that six blokes he didn’t know would appear in his dressing room, five of them would ask for a photo with Ol’ Blue Eyes, and then 10 years later these photos would be revealed as evidence of his Mafia ties.

“These were his Mafia ‘selfies’. And he didn’t have a clue who they were.”

Moore discusses his many peers in his new memoir, Last Man Standing, including David Niven who he describes as “so honest, kind and hysterically funny”, as well as Carey Grant who despite being “just as elegant as he appeared on screen” had “this terribly scatological humour, a cupboard full of whoopee cushions, I kid you not”.

He is less praising of Tony Curtis, who was, he suggests, somewhat cautious with his money and “would charge you for a teabag”.