Ronda Rousey becomes first woman to land Men's Fitness cover - but some men aren't happy

"Not to sound sexist," begins one of a large number of miserable comments

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Ronda Rousey has officially taken the world by storm, from throwing the gauntlet down and challenging Floyd Mayweather to talking about her favourite Pokemon in a Reddit AMA.

Now she’s made history by being the first female cover star on the cover of Men’s Fitness Australia, which proves she’s become an inspiring, empowering figure in sport to both men and women.

Sadly, though, the announcement on the magazine’s Facebook page was met with a deluge of complaints from bruised male egos, who found the idea of a woman being on the cover of a men’s magazine confusing, unusual and therefore threatening.

Despite the fact men’s magazines regularly feature women - women who are typically celebrated for how they look in a swimsuit rather than being praised for professional accomplishments - several men on the magazine’s Facebook page voiced their concerns.

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“Not to sound sexist or anything,” begins one man, before sounding what some people would define as sexist. “But a woman on the cover of a men’s magazine?”

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“I don’t see anything wrong with Rousey on the cover of a men’s magazine,” begins one comment promisingly, before opining that maybe The Rock should start flogging tampons to even out this awful gender injustice. Oh dear.

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One man calls Rousey ‘Rodney’. They can’t all be clever, can they.

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This poor man says putting a woman on a cover of a magazine is stripping his rights away.

Neither Men’s Health Australia or Rousey have responded to the 'controversy', which is probably for the best.