Rufus Hound criticised over sex doll at anti-austerity march

The comedian defended the doll, telling critics: "It had David Cameron's face on it, if that makes any difference"

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The comedian and actor Rufus Hound has been criticised for marching with a sex doll superimposed with the Prime Minister’s faced, at today’s anti-austerity march in London.

Mr Hound shared a photo with his one million Twitter followers as he marched alongside the group Stags Against Austerity this afternoon.

Feminist journalist Helen Lewis responded: “What kind of message does it send to women and girls on the left when a bunch of men take a sex doll on a protest march?”

She added: “This makes me sad. There is a real issue on the left with respect for women.”

Hound responded: “The doll had David Cameron’s face taped to it, if that makes any difference.”

Another user called the gesture “sexist and pathetic.”

One user asked if Hound was campaigning to “end austerity, retain misogyny.”

@RufusHound Ugh. What they said. V. sexist and pathetic.

— hannah billingham (@hannahbillo) June 20, 2015

@RufusHound Arseholes. End austerity, retain misogyny?

— Sigourney Beaver (@sigourneybeaver) June 20, 2015

The Independent has approached Mr Hound for comment.