Rupert Murdoch on 'unemployed' editor Piers Morgan: 'Once talented, he's now safe to ignore'

Not content with one set of headlines over those Page 3 tweets, the media mogul went after everyone’s favourite troll baiter

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It’s been quite the day on social media for Rupert Murdoch.

He caused a confused virtual outcry of joy and outrage when he tweeted that we could soon be set to see the back of The Sun’s Page 3 – a buxom tradition long campaigned against by feminist groups.

Only he did so in a particularly questionable series of posts that, although perhaps ironic in delivery, were criticised for their sexism.

Not content with the headlines that ensued (as only befitting a media mogul), he then went after everyone’s favourite troll baiter, Piers Morgan, when he tweeted: “Piers Morgan seems unemployed after failing to attract any audience in US.

“Seemed out of place. Once talented, now safe to ignore.”

Cue scores of retweets, favourites, and of course, a slightly hurt response from the man himself:

And Gary Lineker, too. Because, you know. He’s Gary Lineker:

Morgan’s show, Piers Morgan Live, was axed from CNN in February 2014.


“It’s been a painful period and lately we have taken a bath in the ratings,” he told the New York Times of the announcement.

Ian Hislop was particularly overjoyed to hear the news. As were these people.