Russell Brand attacks Bill O'Reilly's Isis report: 'We're not idiots. We don't need to have a conversation, 'Is beheading bad?''

'He's trying to come across like he's Marty McFly,' Brand says. 'A couple of months ago it was pretty obvious Isis were a dubious outfit'

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Seemingly determined not to leave any FOX News anchor’s coverage of the crisis in the Middle East unturned, Russell Brand has released another scathing video about Bill O’Reilly.

Days after tearing into his reporting on "the exploitation and oppression" of the citizens of Ferguson, the comedian has dissecting the presenter’s back patting commentary on the militant group Islamic State (IS).

In his latest episode of satirical YouTube series The Trews, he critiques a segment during which O’Reilly replays a clip of his coverage of IS from two months ago. In it, O'Reilly tells viewers that the group are dangerous.

"Why is he cutting back to himself in exactly the same clothes, in the exactly the same mood, saying exactly the same thing only two months ago?" Brand questions.

"He's trying to come across like he's Marty McFly. A couple of months ago it was pretty obvious ISIS were a dubious outfit. It's like he wants us to say: 'How do you do it Bill?'"

Brand goes on to describe the group as a product of "cultural imperialism and corporate greed".

"It's always the people at the end of the line that get blamed. I'm not saying Isis aren't horrible.

"We're not idiots. We don't need to have a conversation 'is beheading bad? Yes/no. We've had that conversation. Beheading is bad.

"It's always people at the end of the line - the people that smash a window, that pick up a brick, the people that are the consequence of this cultural imperialism and corporate corruption.

"If you want to this stuff to end, get the head of serpent stop going down these hopeless, pathetic tendrils.

"Of course, you need to stop those executions and brutality but don't forget them people in charge - the people that benefit from it financially."

Then he cuts to a clip of O’Reilly warning his audience to prepare for further terror attacks.

"Hopefully all the chaos will wake up Americans who are asleep just as they were before 9/11," he says.

Brand balks at what he calls O’Reilly’s use of "the 9/11 bomb", the "supercard in the top trumps of right-wing arguments". 


"The Trews is an attempt to give us the right information," he concludes. "Bill, in spite of what he tells us, is the opposite of that.

"Bill O'Reilly's message is the same as Rupert Murdoch's, the same as Fox News' and the establishment's, 'Things are ok the way we are, we will stay in charge.'"

Brand’s video comes as IS militants released a showing a jihadist speaking with a British accent beheading an American journalist.

The group have claimed that it is a revenge killing for the ongoing US air strikes in Iraq.

The chilling message in the video, entitled 'A Message to America', warned President Barack Obama of further retaliation to come – including the beheading of a second journalist.

The execution follows nearly two weeks of US air strikes that have prevented the advance of Isis extremists, which had captured a third of Iraq with little resistance until this month.

The Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, has since condemned the killing as "one more example in a catalogue of brutality" by Isis.

"Isis are waging war on moderate Islamic opinion and they are waging war on the West and we have to deal with them on that basis," he said.

Experts are urgently investigating who the killer with the British accent is.