Russell Brand 'can understand why some people might vote for Ukip'

Brand says he can identify with some supporters because of his background

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Russell Brand has declared that he can understand why some people would vote for Ukip.

It was not so long in the distant past when Brand faced off with Nigel Farage on an episode of Question Time, which resulted in him calling the Ukip leader a 'poundshop Enoch Powell'.

Considering Brand also spearheaded a campaign for political reform following an interview explaining why he abstained from voting, his statement is something of a surprise.

But the comedian-turned-activist says he understands why the group could appeal to disconnected voters because of his own background.

Brand made his comments during an appearance on Channel 4’s Chatty Man, where he told his host Alan Carr: “What I've come to recognise is if you're not connected to other people, if your life isn't connected to doing things that don't have any value, [you] feel empty and feel lost, so for me it's important to feel connected to people and the stuff I'm doing is worthwhile.

"I understand people that start to think, 'Oh, Ukip might be a good idea' or whatever because I'm from those places where those ideas are attractive.

"I understand fear, loneliness, loss, but the answer at this time is for us to come together. This is a very important opportunity in our time for us to really make a change."

He also said that after spending his life working towards becoming famous, "you think it's better where you started".

"Not that I want to be poor again," he added, "but I want to feel connected to people."

The episode of Chatty Man will air at 10pm on Channel 4.