Russell Brand labelled 'uber-douche extraordinaire' by Peaches Geldof's sister after joking about drugs at substance abuse fundraiser

PR executive Fifi Geldof said the activist's speech was 'highly inappropriate'

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Fifi Geldof has called Russell Brand an “uber-douche extraordinaire” after the comedian and activist spoke at a recent drug and alcohol addiction charity fundraiser.

Geldof, whose 25-year-old sister Peaches died last year of a heroin overdose, attended the charitable event when Brand took to the stage.

“From what I’ve experienced, a lot of people here tonight are on drugs right now,” the activist told the crowd at the event fundraising for substance addiction treatment. “It was like an avalanche on the back of my toilet.”

The 32-year-old public relations executive, who manages to keep a low profile despite being the daughter of musician Bob Geldof, reportedly told the Daily Mail she was “less of a Russell Brand fan than ever” following Brand’s “offensive” and “highly inappropriate speech”.

Geldof, who recently got a new tattoo commemorating her sister, added that Brand was an “unfunny b******” and an “uber-douche extraordinaire”.

Brand, who has maintained sobriety since 2002, has been a vocal drugs campaigner and is a patron of the Focus 12 programme helping addicts. In 2012 he gave evidence to a Home Affairs Select Committee and has repeatedly called on the government to re-examine drugs policies.

Geldof declined to comment further on her remarks when contacted by The Independent. Brand’s spokesperson did not return request for comment.