Russell Brand reacts to YouTube trolls over Israel-Gaza Sean Hannity row

The comedian dissects comments received over his debacle with Hannity in great detail

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Russell Brand has addressed the many YouTube trolls who have voiced their views on his row with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity.

Last week, Brand accused the right-wing pro-Israel presenter of behaving "like a terrorist" through "bullying, intimidation" by aggressively shouting down a Palestinian-American guest in a debate over the Israel-Gaza conflict.

In his latest YouTube film, called "What Is Wrong With America?", he reads out user comments and gamely responds.

One commenter calls him a "p***y Brit", adding, "Next time this f**ker's gonna storm the beach at Normandy without our help. Then we’ll see what happens."

“Well firstly not a lot because France isn’t occupied by Nazis,” said Brand. “What people would say is, ‘What’s that man doing running on the beach firing a rifle at holiday-makers?'”

Another user writes, “No one cares what you think go home”, to which Brand looks around and says, “I am home.”

He is told he hates America "and everything about it".

“That's not true. I like loads of things. I married an American. I lived in America,” responds Brand.

"Many of my great heroes are American - Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor, Bob Dylan. I love America - American food, American attitude, Jack Kerouac, American literature... There's loads of things about America I love.

“I just don't like being regressive, whoever's doing it. I don’t mind where they’re from. For a while, America became synonymous with a certain kind of imperialism and corporate colonialism. I don't like that but I don't relate that to America.”

He is described as a “snivelling middle class school girl” (“You are entitled to say that”), with a “fake accent (“That is my real accent”) with an effeminate demeanour (“That is my real demeanour if it is indeed effeminate.”)

Another user demands, “'Stop making an arse of yourself when you're high on YouTube.”

“I'm not high,” he replies.

“Grow up yourself,” moans another.

“I am grown up,” says Brand.

In a televised interview last week, Hannity asked Yousef Munayyer if he was “thick in the head” in an attempt to make him agree that Hamas were a terrorist organisation.

Hannity responded to Brand’s YouTube clip by broadcasting a segment called "Hollywood Vs Hammas", in which he called the comedian “dumb” and “ignorant”.

Brand retaliated with another YouTube clip "Israel/Palestine, Russell Brand/Sean Hannity: Round 2", in which he decimated Hannity’s views in greater detail.

Yesterday (4 August), Hannity shared pictures of himself arriving in Israel.

Since then, a crowd funding campaign aiming to raise money to have 'Sean Hannity is an idiot' billboards erected in every major airport in the US has been set up.