Russell Brand tells students: 'Don't take A-level exams seriously'

More sage advice from Britain’s aspiring revolutionary

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Russell Brand has imparted some new pearls of wisdom.

The comedian and aspiring revolutionary has told students studying for their A-levels not to worry too much because it’s all “rhubarb”.

Brand shared his sage advice with his 7.79 million Twitter fans yesterday.

While his musings may outrage parents, teachers and exam boards across the country, he is in a better position than many to preach, having recently become the subject of a new English A-level – as he clearly points out in his tweet below.

Last week, exam board OCR announced that it has teamed up with educational charity The English Media Centre, to create a new English literature and language A-level, which studies unconventional texts, including Brand’s testimony on the usage of drugs.


The course will also feature excerpts from Caitlin Moran’s Twitter account and an interview Jeremy Paxman did with rapper Dizzee Rascal.

But not everyone is keen on the idea of a Brand-based education. The A-level, which has not yet been passed by exam regulator Ofqual, has been dismissed by the Department of Education as “rubbish”.

“It is immensely patronising to young people to claim that they will only engage with English language and literature through celebrities such as Russell Brand,” a Department of Education spokesperson said.