Russell Crowe sympathises with Jeremy Clarkson 'fracas' over steak: 'I can understand why he'd get upset'

The actor says Clarkson has a 'wonderful sensibility'

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Russell Crowe has expressed sympathy for Jeremy Clarkson, who is currently being investigated by the BBC over a 'fracas' with a Top Gear producer.

The Noah actor discussed the incident involving Clarkson and a producer which is currently being investigated by the BBC as he appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show alongside the comedian David Mitchell and actress Elizabeth Hurley.

The BBC investigation over the 'fracas', which was reportedly due to Clarkson being offered a cold meat platter instead of a steak, is expected to conclude next week.

Speaking about the recent controversy surrounding the Top Gear host, Crowe said: “I love watching Jeremy on TV, I think he has a wonderful sensibility.

“Having been in this business for such a long time, I’ve done some pretty heavy days, I did a 24 hour work day with Michael Mann one time… so I can understand on the bones of what I know - because I don’t really know the situation - if he’s been head down, a*se up working and he’s requested one little thing which is to be able to eat at the end of the day then I can understand why he’d get upset.”

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"I feel for the other guy too because I don’t know what level of experience he’s got or whatever or how much experience he’s had with Jeremy or what else got in his way because he probably was very definitely trying to fulfil that. So the bottom line is, I think it’s a storm in a teacup.”

Mitchell meanwhile questioned the time it was taking to investigate the ‘fracas’, telling Ross it would be possible to investigate a “whole war” within the same period.

“As a result the BBC are doing an investigation which will report next week,” he said. “Now why does that investigation take more than eight minutes? This was an occasion when there were perhaps three to seven people present.

“You could do an investigation into a whole war in seven days!”