‘Ryan Gosling got someone pregnant and it's not me. Brazil you think you’re devastated…’

Hysterical fans brand news of Eva Mendes' pregnancy worse than the South American team’s humiliating World Cup defeat

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It had been just 12 hours since pictures of devastated Brazilian fans, crying into paper cups and clutching mock-up statuettes of the World Cup trophy flooded Twitter feeds.

Then came a second outpouring of unbelievable grief.

No, not from the Dutch. But from Ryan Gosling fans, who were so distraught upon learning the news that the actor’s girlfriend Eva Mendes is pregnant with the couple’s first child that they could not contain their sadness.

The news, apparently confirmed by sources close to the couple to various publications – and seemingly by pregnancy oracle Ellen DeGeneres, too – was first broken after a report in US OK magazine, via an “insider”, claimed the actress was “seven months along”.

Mendes had taken to Ellen DeGeneres’ chat show earlier this year to dismiss early rumours after the star was seen – shock of all shocks – avoiding an airport scanner.

Needless to say, the confirmation was all too much. So Gosling fans decided to start a competing pity party all of their own.

Because their grief, Brazil, is bigger than yours, apparently. And they've got a hashtag to prove it.

Here are some of the most hysterical responses:

It's safe to say few had seen a social media reaction like it. At least since news that Gosling was single again was cruelly rubbished by his publicist in February.