Sarah Palin bemuses America by using the middle of the country's seventh largest city to represent... nowhere

Palin has said she is 'seriously interested' in running for the presidency in 2016

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Sarah Palin’s reality show Amazing America has bemused residents of the city of Phoenix, Arizona with a new trailer for its second series.

In a 30 second promotional video for the show, broadcast on the Sportsman Channel, the ex-Vice Presidential nominee stands on the side of a sparse desert road quite clearly purporting to display the middle of nowhere.

After a red Chevy squeals to a halt, she hitches a lift from a rugged cowboy in aviators to 'somewhere amazing'.

The slight problem is that Palin’s middle of nowhere is not quite the barren wasteland the trailer seems to suggest. The presidential hopeful is actually standing in the centre of the city of Phoenix.

The road itself, in Papago Park, is one of the most frequently used by cyclists and walkers in the city.

In a country that certainly doesn't lack lonely highways, it seems strange that a show with the budget to travel across the whole of the USA couldn’t find somewhere slightly less recognisable than the middle of the country’s seventh largest city to represent nowhere.

In upcoming episodes of Palin’s documentary, The Sportsman Channel's website says that viewers will be treated to “hunting as therapy for firefighters”, “a bomb disarming robot in action” and “a shooting course for wounded vets”.