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Schools: Sherborne School

The following awards have been made at Sherborne School:

SCHOLARSHIPS: JS Russell (Top), The Downs, Wraxall; CGW Dixon (Ross Wallace), Edgarley Hall; RA Hoey, Wolborough Hill; JA Hollis, King's Bruton Junior School, Hazlegrove; EDT Short, Pinewood and Sherborne; O. Wills, Sherborne Preparatory School and Sherborne; RG Wright, Sherborne Preparatory School; NJG Wyatt, Woodcote House and Sherborne.

EXHIBITIONS: RM Ambrose, Sherborne Preparatory School; NJ Francis, Sherborne Preparatory School; JE Gledhill, Sherborne Preparatory School; JW Twyford; DA Holiday, All Hallows; MR Seymour (Nutting), King's Bruton Junior School, Hazlegrove; GR Sugdon (Raban), Sherborne Preparatory School; WP Cleverly, Sherborne Preparatory School Exhibition.

JEREMY IRONS: JHK Adams, Twyford; PG Gidney, Edgeborough; KA Johnston, Davenies.

ART SCHOLARSHIP: BGJ Hogg, Monkton Combe Junior School.

ART EXHIBITIONS: RS Battersby, The Downs, Wraxall; CNC Grant, Port Regis; G. Yam, Sherborne Preparatory School.

SIXTH FORM EXHIBITION: VSH Yeung, Sherborne School International Study Centre.

MUSIC SCHOLARSHIPS: WDO Luke, Mount House; SR Mosse, The Pilgrims'; PJ Moth, Northbourne Park; JHT Moyse; Dulwich College Preparatory School; JEJ Scott, St Paul's Cathedral Choir School.

MUSIC EXHIBITIONS: JD Ouin, Dulwich College Preparatory School; JS Russell, The Downs, Wraxall.