Scott Weiland has NOT been arrested - police confirm doppleganger tricked them

An impersonator fooled police into thinking he was the 46-year-old singer

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A man pretending to be Scott Weiland has been arrested for shoplifting and drug possession, and managed to fool even the police into thinking into think he was the musician.

He is currently in police custody.

The Beverley Hills police believed the doppleganger, when he told them he was the 46-year-old singer. He has been held on suspicion of meth possession and stealing razors since 26 July.

TMZ found out yesterday (21 August) about Weiland’s alleged incarceration and reported the news as such - and the story quickly spread online.

However, the former Stone Temple Pilots got wind of it and posted a message on his Facebook page, denying the claims and threatening legal action against TMZ.

“I just got down reading something very interesting,” he said in the audio clip. “A nice piece of fiction from TMZ, saying that I was in jail and have been for the past four months. I’ve actually been writing, touring and recording my new album.


“This is the studio we’re in right now, the Los Angeles studio. All I have to say to our fans is, whether you found it funny, amusing or whether you were sad, don’t worry, don’t fret. It’s a lie. TMZ, you’ll be hearing from my attorneys. Thank you.”

Following the Facebook clip, police checked the Weiland impersonator’s details again and this time he identified himself as 44-year-old Jason Michael Hurley.

BHPD is now requesting that he also be charged with furnishing false information to a peace officer, in addition to his other charges.