Sean Hannity meets Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, whispers in his ear, fends off sexual trolling by retweeting and trolling back

No-one but Hannity and Netanyahu appears to know exactly what was said as he fawningly lent over and uttered the unheard

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Sean Hannity landed in Israel last week.

We know this because the controversial FOX News anchor tweeted about said landing extensively, from the aircraft’s descent to his very first visit to Iron Dome locations used by the IDF to shoot down incoming Hamas rockets.

His visit came amid a storm of criticism, whipped up by Russell Brand’s dissection of his combative interview style during his satirical YouTube show The Trews, over the heavy pro-Israel bias in his coverage of the conflict in Gaza.

Said bias led to him shouting at a Palestinian guest Yousef Munayyer and asking him if he was “thick in the head” as he attempted in vain to get him to agree that Hamas were a terrorist organisation.

It also led to campaign to get billboards reading ‘Sean Hannity Is An Idiot’ erected in every major airport in the United States.


But he remained immune to the background noise, and his touristic coverage of his visit continued with more images of him standing next to various Israeli-looking objects and cites of significance as he journeyed the length and breadth of the country looking for controversy.

Then came the toe-curling moment he met Benjamin Netanyahu (scroll down to watch the resulting and equally toe-curling interview).

Again, he tweeted the evidence of said meeting. And in particular, a shot of him leaning over and whispering something into the Israeli Prime Minister’s ear.

No-one but Hannity and Netanyahu appear to know exactly what was said as he fawningly lent over and uttered the unheard. Apparently, Hannity says, it would blow our minds to find out:

But that hasn’t stopped the rest of the internet from attempting to guess. Largely – and predictably – much of said guessing, which quickly led to the image going viral,  has been from sexually explicit trolls. Rather than ignore the trolls, Hannity decided to join in, cementing his own trolling credentials with the following:

And of course he couldn’t resist a pop at his old foe, Russell Brand, in the process:

Sadly for Hannity, Brand didn’t rise to the childish bait. The comedian moved on from his FOX News condemnation last week to voice his opinions on Scottish Independence instead.