Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Commanders: QCL Banting - Cochrane; GC Hunt - JWS Poole; TJ Roberts - Staff of 2SL/CNH.

Chaplains: J. Green - Excellent; ML Wishart - Excellent.

Retirements: Commodore RJ Lowndes; Capt EM Hackett; Capt PWW Ridley; Commander PJ Christmas; Commander SFS McCaskill; Commander MJ Marsh; Commander W. Nimmo- Scott; Commander JJ Tall; Surgeon Commander PA Glew; Surgeon Commander P. Jones.


Brigadier: RA Draper - to be DA/MA India.

Colonel: SFE Evans - to RPL Chester.

Lieutenant-Colonels: MB Cooper RA - to MS; PC Cort REME - to HQ REME - to HQ REME Trg Gp; MGA Drage Gren Gds - to HQ AMF (L) (BAE); SJ Knapper Staffords - to be CO1 Staffords; JS Lloyd Gren Gds - to be CO ITB Catterick; A. Poole RA CH D - to Pool of Chaplains UK; PAJ Sheridan RE - to MS; CW Tadier RA - to SHAPE Staff (BAE); KW Kiddie RRF - to be CO 5 RRF.