Service appointments

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Captain ND Squire RFA, appointed Commodore Royal Fleet Auxiliary under the command of Commander-in-Chief Fleet, Royal Navy.

Commodore: PCB Canter - COMAW.

Commander: RG Harrison - JHQ Salisbury; J. Hartley - Sultan; SM Henley - RNAS Portland; NC Jackson - BDS Washington; IS Macfarlane - Staff of FOSNI; DLW Sim - MOD London; DR Southcott - MOD London; WD Steele - Cochrane; NDB Williams - MOD London.

Surgeon Commander: RW Smith - RNH Gibraltar.

Retirements: Lt-Col MRL Ward; Commander GA Cavalier.


Brigadiers: ASH Irwin - to MOD; ACI Gadsby - to be Comd RAC Centre.

Colonels: CA Den-Mackay - to be Comdt Sch of Logistics; DHA Shephard - RCB; MA Ponikowski - to be DA/MA Bogota.

Lieutenant-Colonels: AP Harris RE - to be CO Southampton Univ OTC; AM Mackenzie RE - to be MA Stockholm; MP Stallard APTC - to be Comdt ASPT and Dep APTC; GA Hazlewood RLC - to be CO 6 Supply Regt RLC; AD Hutchison Gren Gds - to MOD.

Retirement: Brigadier PW Symes Late RAOC.