Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captain: RW Ditchfield - Shrivenham; BAL Goldman - Staff of FOSF.

Commander: DRD Teer - Staff of CINCFLEET.

Surgeon Commander (D): DA Leighton-Goodall - Nelson.

Chaplain: JO Morris - Staff of FOSF Devonport.

Retirements: Surgeon Capt EP Dewar; Surgeon Commander IF Geraghty.


Brigadier: WR Short - to be Comd Med HQ UKLF.

Lieutenant-Colonels: B. Armitage RA - to HQ Chilwell Station; SJP Clifton AGC (ETS) - to RAS; MWB Faulkner RDG - to be CO RDG; C. Greasley AGC (ALS) - to HQ BF Cyprus; NKP Hope R Signals - to HQ UKLF; PJT Maggs RLC - to MOD; AM McPherson REME - to be CO 7 Bn REME; GA Middlemiss KOSB - to FG & IMRO (N); DP Roberts RLC - to MOD; WR Rollo RHG/D - to be CO Household Cavalry Regt; RF Rutherford R Signals - to MOD; M. Smith RGJ - to MOD; MJ Wright AGC (ETS) - to AG Corps TrgCen; W. Bonnici RAMC - to 24 (Airmob) Fd Amb.

Retirement: Col AG Witheridge Late 15/19H.


Air Commodore: PT Squire - to MOD.

Group Captains: L. Hakin - to IMS Nato; JNJ Grisdale - to RAF Presentation Team; AD Sweetman - to MOD; DR Hamilton - to IMS Nato; JC Jarron - to 3FTS Cranwell; HV Lether - to AWC Maxwell; EJ Black - to RAF Leeming; C. Cho-Young - to SCEA Worthy Down.

Wing Commanders: GM Horwood - to (Exch) Canadian Staff College; DPE Straw - to SACLANT Norfolk VA; CL Bond - to (Exch) USAFB Maxwell; PJG Cullum - to Stockholm; JR Whitston - to HQ AFNorthwest; JH Channon - to HQ North; GV Goodsell - to RAF Brize Norton; SL Parkinson - to 31 Sqn Bruggen; CJ Lawrence - to 42(R) Sqn/Nimrod OCU; JC Vincent - to 100 Sqn Finningley; CG Morffew - to HQ AFNorthwest; CB Hyde - CDE Porton Down.