Service Appointments

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Commodore M. R. Thomas, to be promoted Rear-Admiral and to be President of the Ordnance Board, in succession to Maj-Gen CRS Notley.

Capt J. P. Clarke, to be promoted Rear-Admiral and to be Flag Officer Training and Recruiting.



Captains: AJH Burbridge - MOD Bath; TD Elliott - Staff of CINCFLEET; GBD Lane - Marlborough in Cmd; TP McClement - MOD London; PJ Melson - Tamar.

Surgeon Captains: Lt-Col PL Bancroft - RMB Stonehouse.

Commanders: S. Bramley - Northumberland in Cmd; SP Carnt - Staff of 2SL/CINCNAVHOME; WM Covington - Illustrious; NHL Harris - Staff of 2SL/CINCNAVHOME; NJ Hillier - Staff of CINCFLEET; MWG Kerr - Chatham in Cmd; RN Lucey - MOD London; GR Philpott - BDS Washington; JBM Rees - Staff of 26L/CNH; DM Swain - RAF Turnhouse; AK Tatham - Sultan; DRD Teer - Argyll in Cmd; B. Wallis - MOD Bath.

Majors: SV Balm - HQRM; IW Grant - RMB Stonehouse.

Retirements: Capt GRG Middleton; Commander HDM Pound.


Brigadiers: DA Cranston - to Multi National Div; JJ Gaskell - to be Comd HQ 42 (NW) BDE; JB Palmer - to be Comdt HQ REME Trg Gp; AEG Truluck.

Colonels: MHH Brooke - to HQ Cdo Fcs RM; ATB Kimber - to MOD; PDP McQueen - to HQ ARRC.

Lieutenant-Colonel: DF Davies AGC (SPS) - to AGC Trg Cen; JL Goodridge WG - to MOD; EJ Gould RTR - to Shape Staff (BAE); AD Hall REME - to SEME; L. Henderson RAMC - to BMH Rinteln - DC McKemp R Signals - to Sch of Sigs; MJ Lock AGC (SPS) - to HQ UKLF; IM Ross RLC - to HQ NEDIST R & L Staff; JM Ross R Signals - to MOD; TS Spicer SG - to CATC; SJ Tetlow REME - to be Co AMF (L) Cbt Svc Sup Regt; JBC Prescott R Anglian - to FG & IMRO (N); MJ Walker AGC (SPS) - MOD.

Retirements: Brigadier R. Macdonald Late RE; Col AGH Curtis Late RRF; Col AR Jones Late RTR; GP Jones Late REME; Col AJ Pinion Late RA; Col PJ Williams Late RE.


Group Captains: DC Andrews - to HQ STC; BJ Bate - to MOD; NA Buckland - to MOD; CM Chambers - to Indian NDC; SJ Colwill - to MOD; PJ Brindle - to MOD; JP Dacre - to HQ STC; MJ Gardiner - to HQ 38 GP; JW Hollowood - to MOD; RD Iredale - to MOD Cossec; GT Keigh - to SHAPE; JA King - to RAF Benson; NM MacLeod - to MOD; MT Phillips - to Staff C Bracknell; DA Ray - to RAF Valley; PBM Richards - to SAP Riyadh; NJ Sudborough - to RAF Leuchars; DB Symes - to RAF Lyneham; AH Vaughan - to MOD; GJ Woodley - to MOD.

Wing Commander: RC Owen - to MOD ACDS (JNT SYST); PD Rawson - to SM (STC)56 (RAF); GS Clayton-Jones - to D of R&S (RAF); HW Price - to HQ 3rd USAF LO's; PR Dixon - to UAS London; RK Gault - to 30 Sqn Lyneham; SW Exton - to HQSTC; AD Connarty - to Sch of Fighter Control; EA Harris - to RAF Boulmer; A. Ware - to HQ 18 Gp; AB Wight-Boycott - to MOD AFD/D Air Off; RJC Green - to HQSTC; RJ Hounslow - to MOD/AFD/DAFSD; TV Rogers - to Perm Press CM.