Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Brigadiers: DG Sharp - to be Comd Avn HQ UKLF.

Colonels: DR Elderton - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: AGR Carroll RTR - to BMM Sang Saudi Arabia; MJP Collins R Signals - to BLT Kuwait; JGT Dewar PWRR - to HQ RAO; NR Drayton REME - to be CO 102 Bn REME (V); KR Elliott RLC - to UNHCR Zagreb; RT Hoole R Signals - to MOD; PWL Hughes PWRR - to UK Del & Sp Unit AFCENT; KIF Lamb REME - to REME MRO; PR Searle RE (Svy) - to HQ RAO; AJN Simkins AAC - to HQ EDIST; CEM Snagge RGJ - to Staff Coll; REP Spencer AGC (ALS) - to HQ BFHK; RM Thornely QRH - to Herford Garr; NMM Buchanan RAMC - to Def Sves Med Rehab Unit.


Group Captains: C. Davison - to HQRAFSC; PA Robinson - to HQ 2 Gp; RJ Sturman - to LATCC (Mil) RAF West Drayton; P. Whalley - to MOD.

Wing Commanders: T. Almond - to MOD ADCS OR(AIR); TL Boyle - to 14 Sqn Bruggen; ES Brown - to DS Bracknell; BA Cornwell - to Chief OPS IUKADGE; DJ Ford - to JMCC St Mawgan; RB Hodgson - to Exchanges USA; KFG Miles - to MOD AFD/DAFD; RE Nickson - to HQSTC; M. Rodgers - to D of R&S; DA Spilsbury - to DA Prague; DNH Stone - to RAF Brize Norton; A. Vass - to SO1 Brockzetel.