Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captains: PE Du Vivier - Staff of FOSNI; PG Hore - Staff of FO Plymouth; PH Jeffery - Staff of FOSF; CW Roddis - MOD London in the rank of Cdre; PA Thomas - RNEC Manadon; FG Thompson - MOD London.

Commanders: JS Aiken - Dryad; MK Barritt - SACLANT USA; SP Cleary - MOD London; AP Dickson - Staff of 2SL/CNH; M. Dutta - Nato; BR Eastley - MOD London; RD Finlayson - Devonport; DAK Freeman - Staff of FOSF Northwood; RG Harrison - Staff of 2SL/CNH; RW Jackman - DSSC Bath; PJ Knowling - MOD London; TJH Laurence - MOD London; SR Lister - DGFS Bath; RG Melley - MOD London; CJ Menlove-Platt - DGFS Bath; AR Nance - Staff of FOST Sea; JW Parker - Northwood; R. Reeder - RNAS Yeovilton; SJ Scorer - Staff of FOSF; NS Smith - Exeter; DE Thomas - RNH Plymouth; PJ Unwin - Staff of 2SL/CNH; CG Welborn - MOD London; IR Wellesley-Harding - RNC Greenwich; DSH White - Staff of FO Plymouth; RAS Young - MOD Portsmouth.

Surgeon Commanders: TH Shepherd - RNH Gibraltar.

Surgeon Commanders (D): JG Iles - Nelson; S. Lambert-Humble - Staff of FO Portsmouth; DA Leighton-Goodall - Collingwood; GL Morrison - Greenwich.

Majors: PJ Martin - Sultan; JB McCubbin - RMB Stonehouse.

Retirements: Commander CV Hanna; Commander CJ Traill; Commander ME Winter.


Brigadiers: PJ Lyddon - to be Comd Catterick Gar; JCB Sutherall - to MOD; PJ Bambury - to UK Del CSCE Vienna.

Colonels: RS Fox - to HQ RAO; MF Gibson - to HQ Scotland/1 AFHQ; RL Styles - to P&EE Shoeburyness.

Lieutenant-Colonels: JG Askew RLC - to Staff Coll; AAB Booth REME - to TDT REME; IA Brazier RRF - to HQ ARRC; JF Crompton RE - to LSP Angola; AF Flower REME - to MOD; MJ Garratt REME - to MOD; TJL Goble - to Staff Coll; AC Jackson KOSB - to Staff Coll; NJH Jones AGC (ALS) - to HQ Wales & WDist; RG Jones AGC (ETS) - to MOD; NH Launders RA - to MOD; G. Meakin R Signals - to MOD; JP Morrison Int Corps - to MOD; KA Moules RLC - to be CO 11 Ord Bn (EOD); PR Newton PWRR - to Staff Coll; CJ Nicholls RA - to be CO 26 Fd Regt; R. Noutch RLC - to HQ Londist; CB Smith-Rewse AAC - to HQ UKLF; C. Stoddart RA - to be CO RA Range Hebrides; CA Storey RLC - to MOD; EJ Tomlinson REME - to Veh & Wpns Br REME; AM Watson REME - to MOD.


Air Commodore: JAF Ford - to Shape.

Group Captains: DM Baker - to HQRAFSC; T. Bufton - to HQSTC; JC Gilbert - to MOD; IA McCoubrey - to PARAF (H) Wroughton; AM Morris - to Shape; I. Sloss - to RAF Locking; A. Smith - to MOD.

Wing Commanders: CW Ilsley - to OC AC CGS Syerston; RM Jenner - to CRC RAF Buchan; CD Joyner - to D of R&S; J. Kershaw - to ATOC Kalkar; G. Watkin - to HQ P&TC.