Service appointments

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General Sir Peter Wilsey, to be Aide-de-Camp (General) to the Queen.

Major-Generals: IC Mackay-Dick - to be GOC London District; RA Pett - to be Director of Infantry.

Brigadiers: EPO Springfield - to MOD; MG Taylor - to HQ UKSC (G).

Colonels: RW Brummitt - to MOD; CI Darnell - to be Comdt School of Infantry (Warminster) HQ; JA Hodges - to be PM SHAPE (BAE); DJB Woodd - to HQ UKLF; WE Nowosielski- Slepowron - to be DA/MA Prague; CS Faith - to be Comd CMTT Ghana; JSW Powell - to UNFICYP; RA Hyde-Bales - to HQ RSME; R. Leighton - to be Comd SPS HQ EDIST; KAC Watt - to 3 Dent Gp.

Lieutenant-Colonels: A. Amber LI - to be CO 6 LI; RFC Andrew KOSB - to be CO 3 R Irish; SJ Barry PARA - to MOD; PWG Blaber RLC - to RLC MRO(S); MI Botting AGC (SPS) - to RPO Leicester; GA Douglas A and SH - to Exchange APPTS Canada; AI Finlayson QRL - to be CO The Queen's Royal Lancers; AP Farquhar Green Howards - to be CO 1 Green Howards; NP Gaskell LI - to JSDC; RC Hendicott RE - to HQ AFNORTH (BAE); HM Hoey RE - to HQ AFNORTHWEST; DJ Kerr RLC - to BMATT Zimbabwe; DG Merrett REME - to MOD; RA Mount REME - to PMC; CEE Sloan RE - to MOD; K. George QARANC - to 257 Gen Hosp; PW Kutarski RAMC - to CMH; JW Church RRF - to SHAPE STAFF (BAE); MJW Grubb LI - to RMAS; N. St J. Hall DWR - to SAFF Coll (DS); JNR Houghton GREEN HOWARDS - MS; RA Hyde-Bales RE - to HQ RSME; DWM Magee AGC (ETS) - to RAS; PG Major REME - to Sch of Eqpt sp (A); CA Mildinhall RE - to Engr Resources; GJ Parker AGC (ETS) - to be Comd Ed HQ LONDIST; RJ Slater REME - to MOD; WP Sylvester RS - to MOD; IFG Whittington RE (SVY) - to HQ AF NORTHWEST; CJ Ross WG - to HQ A Mus; DW Smith RAMC - to MRS HOHNE; PE O'R-B Davidson- Houston RGBW - to be CO 1 RGBW.

Retirements: Brigadier DV Erskine CRUM Late SG; Brigadier DP De C. Morgan Late 7 GR; Brigadier CAG Wells Late 15/19H; Col GA Holt; Col BF Ross Late REME; Col EL Yorke Late 13/18H.



Captains: CR Beagley - MOD London; MJ Broadhurst - BDLS Canada; GH Edwardes - Staff of CINCFLEET; RF Johns - SA Santiago; MS Williams - HQRM; TS Wittich - MOD London.

Acting Colonel: NM Robinson - MOD London.

Commanders: IM Bartholomew - Herald in Cmd; NAM Butler - Cardiff in Cmd; CHT Clayton - MOD London; JM Clipson - Collingwood; PNM Davies - Staff of 2SL/CNH; AR Dent - Nato Norway; DH Durston - Staff of 2SL/CNH; MJ Evans - MOD London; SJ Fryer - Staff of CINCFLEET; AC Grattan-Cooper - RAF Bracknell; NS Holden - Staff of 2SL/CNH; DL Howells - Staff of CINCFLEET; CB Hume - MOD Bath; DJ Jarvis - MOD London; WJ Keegan - MOD London; MG Lane - MOD London; DS Malley - MOD Portsmouth; JP Ratcliffe - Dryad; P. StC. Steel - MOD London; MC Stringer - Staff of CINCFLEET; PG Syer - Staff of FONA Yeovilton; AR Trevithick - Invincible; PM Wardley - MOD London; RM Wilkinson - Staff of 2SL/CNH; GP Woodworth - MOD London.

Surgeon Commander (D): BJ Griffiths - Collingwood.

Major: ST Hartnell - 42 Cdo RM; SE Shadbolt - Staff of CINCFLEET.

Chaplain: SP Springett - 40 CDO RM; CE Stewart - Invincible.

Retirements: Rear-Admiral TJ England; Capt CR Pack; Acting Capt PJ King; Acting Capt DA Lockyer; Local Col AP Martin; Local Lt-Col CJE McDowall; Commander PS Buckley; Commander J. Bithell; Commander IC Schreiber; Surgeon Commander SJ Squires; Acting Commander RA Hornshaw; Chaplain GM Walsh.


Air Vice-Marshals: RJ Day - to AOC No 1 Group; PT Squire - to be Assistant Chief of the Air Staff.

Air Commodore: CA Barnett - to HQ MATO.

Group Captains: R. Springett - to HQSTC; M. Mitchell - to MOD; IWP McNeil - to RAF Honington; MRH Connor - to HQ AFNORTH West; CW Pratley - to HQLC Rudloe Manor; H. Reid - to HQ STC; RV Morris - to HQ AFNORTH WEST; DA Baron - to HQ LC (London); AC Lang - to HQ LC (Wyton); MJ Steer - to HQ PTC.