Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Brigadiers: KJW Goad - to MOD; AJ Schuler - to HQ SDIST.

Colonels: RCJ Rhodes - to DSM (A).

Lieutenant-Colonels: FAB Clement RA - to HQ UKLF; WR Harber PWRR - to be Co 4 R Irish; K. Jackson RE - to Insp of Engr Resources BFG; RC Lloyd RWF - to CATC; JP Riley RWF - to be Co 1 RWF; BPS Rolfe-Smith PARA - to be CO ATR Lichfield; SG Vowles AGC (ALS) - to MOD; CG Patey RTR - to RHQ RTR; JA Fairhurst QLR - to HQ TSC/HQ TSU; GR Leach R Signals - to MOD; B. McDonnell R Anglian - to ARRC Sp Bn; IR Sinclair RA - to MOD; JWR Thorn RE - to RMCS.


Group Captains: CR Fowler - to HQPTC; DRG Rennison - to RAFSEE Henlow; JW Stewart - to MOD; AT Ford - to HQSTC; GF McMellin - to Nato Staff Northwood; RW Bryden - to HQ PTC; K. Gowing - to HQ PTC.

Wing Commander: GL Thurston - to HQ 1Gp.