Service appointments

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Rear-Admiral JR Brigstocke, Assistant Chief of Naval Staff, to be, additionally, Admiral President Royal Naval College Greenwich.

Maj-Gen Raymond Austin Pett, appointed Colonel Commandant The King's Division.

Maj-Gen Michael David Jackson, appointed Honorary Colonel 10th (Volunteer) Battalion The Parachute Regiment.

Air Vice-Marshal RP O'Brien, to be Air Secretary.



Captain: SAV Van Der Byl - MOD London in the rank of Commodore.

Commanders: PW Fortescue - Staff of FONA Yeovilton; MK Hemsworth - Staff of 2SL/CNH; MS Rogers - Nato Italy.

Surgeon Commanders: ARO Miller - Gibraltar; RH Taylor - Gibraltar.

Surgeon Commander (D): N. Harkness - Drake.


Colonel: DI Hartley - to be Comd Med HQ SDIST.

Lieutenant-Colonels: KD Arnold RA - to RMAS; IJ Murray QO HLDRS - to be CO 1/51 Highland; P. Norrington Davies RRW - to HQ HOHNE Garrison; CE Thom Green Howards - to HQ BF Cyprus; DC Thornycroft BW - to RCMS Shrivenham; RW Batho R Signals - to be CO 40 Sig Regt; PRC Flach KRH - to RMCS Shrivenham; GHP Flood QLR - to be CO 1 QLR; AV Pedder RA - to HQ ARRC; JNE Watson RA - to HQ AFCENT (Staff).


Air Commodores: M. Van Der Veen - to RAF St Athan; DW Marchant - HQ PTC; CG Winsland - to HQ PTC.

Group Captains: SW Cadogan - to HQPTC; AJ Needham - to HQ MATO; C. Cho-Young - to HQ PTC; CJA Abbott - to HQ STC; V. Thomas - to RAF PMC Innsworth; SC Fuller - to HQPTC; GR Bush - to HQ Nats; JP Rogers - to HQ PTC; J. Reid - to HQ PTC; PKL Coles - to HQ PTC; G. McClure-Hall - to HQ PTC; WJ Pike - to HQ PTC.

Wing Commanders: IF Davidson - to HQ 2 Gp; BN FLowerdew - to RNSC; MJ Fuller - to HQ MATO Uxbridge; I. Harvey - to RAF PMC; CR Lambert - to RAF Fire Serv CTE; MT Leatt - to HQ STC; FL Mogford - to HQRAFSC; NC Randle - to MOD ACDS (O); PR Pougher-Hensley - to MOD DT(F)(RAF); CF Shaw - to HQ STC; CR Williamson - to HQ PTC; KR Winter - to HQ PTC; CRW O'Connell - to RAF Honington; L. Leeming-Latham - to DSMRU RAF Headley Court; MJ Webb - to HQ AFCENT; AP Wilson - to HQ P&SS (UK); GF Stratton - to OASC Cranwell; GW Davies - to HQ PTC; GS Irwin - to HQ PTC; JA Jarvis - to HQ PTC; BT Keatings - to HQ PTC; DL McConnell - to HQ PTC; CB Morris - to HQ PTC; M. Ranger - to HQ PTC; TL Woods - to HQ PTC; BP Ludlow - to Logs Cmd.