Service appointments

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Air Commodore DFA Henderson, to be ACDS (Pol / Nuc), in the rank of Air Vice-Marshal.


Captains: JM De Halpert - Nato, Brussels; RM Parker - Excellent.

Colonel: BL Carter - Peking.

Commanders: JBH Binns - Staff of CINCFLEET; R. Dean - MOD London; SJ Dyer - Norfolk; PN Harris - Loan Abu Dhabi; GP Hockley - Coventry; P. Lambert - MOD London; HJ Ledingham - JFOS Wilton; PJ McCarthy - Collingwood; MJ Priestley - Nato Belgium; RP Seymour - RNAS Yeovilton; JL Williams - Dryad.

Surgeon Commander: M. Sach - Illustrious.

Surgeon Commander (D): JD Victor - Raleigh.

Retirements: Admiral Sir Kenneth Eaton; Capt DG Littlejohns; Commander MS Burnett; Surgeon Commander K. Gillespie; Chaplain SD Brookes.


Brigadier: FR Dannatt - to be Cmd 4 Armd Bde.

Colonels: FRJ Maclean - to HQ The Scottish Div.

Colonels: JJ Dumas - to be DA Caribbean; PT Innocent - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: CFR Draper RLC - to MOD; CS Harcourt-Smith LG - to MOD; CJW Nelson RA - to MOD; TE Nixon REME - to HQ UKLF; T. Quare APTC - to MOD; RMJ Rollow-Walker LI - to be CO 8 LI(V); ARD Shirreff KRH - to be CO The Kings Royal Hussars; DKP Steele A&SH - to be CMRO; WAH Townend RA - to HQ UKLF.


Air Commodores: JR Day - to HQSTC; VB Howells - to HQ LC; BC McCandless - to HQ LC; RS Peacock-Edwards - to MOD; MD Smart - to MOD; GE Stirrup - to MOD.

Group Captains: JRD Arscott - to HQNATS; AIB Beedie - to MOD; JJ Capps - to MOD; RA Charles - HQPTC; DJ Forbes - to HQ LC; TM Gibson - to MOD; TE Hamilton - to HQ MATO Uxbridge; ML Hawkins - to HQ LC; KW Ifould - to JSDC Greenwich; BE Johnstone - to SHAPE; TR Jones - to HQ PTC; MN Lees - to MOD; CJ McQuillan - to Ordnance Board; CM Moore - to HQ PTC; AMJ O'Neill - to DHSA Yeovilton; MA Radworth - to BDLS Canberra; DJ Salusbury - to HQ STC; DJ Stanley - to HQ LC; WJ Taylor - to HQ LC; AL Terrett - to HQ LC; BJ Titchen - to HQSTC; JJ Witts - to HQ Aircent.

Wing Commanders: JD Arkell - to RAF Laarbruch; JO Bates - to MOD DGSTI; JA Bayliss - to D of R&S Cranwell; H. Beith-Jones - to RAF Cranwell; G. Blanchfield - to MOD ACDS OR (AIR); BRG Chambers - to No 16 MU RAF Stafford; JA Cliffe - to D Air Plans; JS Douglas - BDS Washington; PN Gilbert - to HQ LC; NA Gregory - HQ MATO Uxbridge; JM Hetherington - to D Air Plans; PR Hunter - to OC FI ADGE; JC Platt - to HQ AF South; JH Plumley - to HQ 18Gp; PH Rosentall - to 230 Sqn; PWD Ruddock - to RAF Coningsby; MJK Watkins - to PA RAF Hosp Wroughton; MB Whitehouse - to JACIG Scampton; DA Wilson - to HQ 11Gp; ARC Winkles - USAF Exchanges.