Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:



Captain: JA Burch - RCDS; JWR Harris - Neptune; AG Jones - RCDS; JC Rapp - RNC Greenwich; CD Stanford - RCDS.

Commanders: GR Ball - MOD Bath; RL Duke - Liverpool; M. Harris - Marlborough; DJ Hart - Somerset; LR Hayward - Staff of FOSF; SW Howick - MOD (Central Staffs); NC Preston- Jones - MOD London; TJ Russell - RNSC Greenwich; DM Tall - MOD London; BC Welch - CWTA Portsmouth.

Retirements: Capt DE Symonds.


Brigadiers: T. McG Brown - To be Ch Exec DPCS-DSA; TE O'Donnell - To be Comd AGC Trg Cen.

Colonels: GR Cooper - To RLC MRO(S); CW Haskell - To HQ Pscnorth (BAE); JD Lacey - JSDC: CS Wakelin - To be DA/MA Tel Aviv; RD George - To HQ W&WDIST; CR Winfield - To BMH Rinteln.

Lieutenant-Colonels: WT Brown RHG/D - To be CO H Cav Mr; AC Callis AGC (ETS) - To RAS; PJ Gilbert RE - To be CO R Mon RE(M); CO Hodges Kings - To be CO 1 Kings; RJF Owen RE - To be DA Bucharest; IC Shuker R SIGNALS - To HQ UKSC(G); JRC Harper RADC - To 10 Dent Gp; NA Hoad RAMC - To CMH.

Retirements: Brigadier KP Burke Late R SIGNALS; Col AT Brett Late RE.


Group-Captains: CCN Burwell - To RAF Scampton; RD Iveson - To HQ STC; AIB Beedie - To HQ 38 GP.

Wing Commanders: BC Cole - To HQ PTC; RH Middleton - To RAF Decimomannu.