Service appointments

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Air Vice-Marshal AJ Stables, to be Air Officer Commanding and Commandant Royal Air Force College Cranwell.


Brigadier: DAS Pennefather - HQRM.

Captains: BPS Brooks - MOD London; DJ Burns - RCDS; AJC Morrow - Britannia in the rank of Commodore; A. Munns - RCDS; RGJ Wood - RCDS.

Commanders: SJ Ellins - Liverpool; AJG Miller - MOD London; GJ Thwaites - Grafton; SJ Timms - Neptune; RL Warne - Staff of 2SL/CNH.

Major: SR Wilson - HQRM.

Chaplains: JA Hempenstall - HQRM; EW Jones - CTCRM Lympstone.

Retirements: Commander BR Davies; Chaplain T. Devamanikkam.


Brigadier: IA Johnstone - to be Comd CATC.

Colonels: GRS Broke - to MOD; JWM Ellery - to be Comdt CAS; GD Macdougall - to MOD; PS Purves - to MOD; SM Siddall - to MOD; RD Vellacott - to be DA Kenya; HM Fletcher - to RHQ PARA; MEA Syms - to be Comd HQ RLC TA.

Lieutenant-Colonels: MH Auchinleck Scots DG - to be CO Northumbrian Univ OTC; LH Bryan RA CH D - to Pool of Chaplains UK; N. St J. Hall DWR - to be CO 1 DWR; LSI Inge RE - to HQ RSME; MW Jones AGC (ETS) - to RMCS; PJ Luard RGJ - to RMAS; RNB Quicke LD - to be CO ATR Winchester; MH Somervell Coldm Gds - to HQ SDIST R & L Staff; AJ Whistler RRF - to be CO 2 RRF; JA Davies RADC - to 8 Dent Gp; CA Pailthorpe RAMC - to CMH; BA Price RAMC - to 22 Fd Hosp.

Retirements: Col WCA Kennedy Late R Signals; Col RA Langstaff Late Int Corps; ME Sibbons Late REME; T. Graham Late RAMC; DH Wright Late RAMC.


Group Captains: MJ Perrett - to HQ STC; APN Lambert - to RAF Staff College Bracknell; RJ Horwood - to Air Warfare Centre.