Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Commodore: TS Taylor - Staff of FONA.

Captains: RJ Bradshaw - MOD London; MA Johnson - Staff of FO Plymouth; J. Reeve - MOD Bath.

Commanders: RJ Clapp - Westminster in Cmd; DB Habershon - Nato USA; GR Moodie - Illustrious; GW Myers - RNH Haslar; AB Smith - MOD Portsmouth; D. Watson - MOD London.

Retirements: Commander ATJ Padwick.


Brigadier: PA Flanagan - to HQ UKLF.

Colonels: MEC Coombs - to RMCS; KA Mitcheson - to HQ UKLF; DM O'Callaghan - to MOD; KP O'Kelly - to HQ BAOR; DB Waddell - to MOD; WA Ashley - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: D. Aitken AGC (ETS) - to CMETS; MH Argue Para - to LSP ABU DHABI UAE; RJ Brown R Signals - to Proj. Tm Malaysia; LS Burr RAOC - to Dg Svc Sp (A); JCW Gillman LD - to be Co ATDU; SN Jenkins REME - to Staff Coll; JE Varney REME - to MOD; RI Braithwaite RE - to MOD; A Roland-Price RE - to MOD.

Retirements: Maj-Gen AC Ticehurst late RAMC; Brigadier CJ Lewthwaite late RAMC; Col BJ Harban late RCT.


Air Commodore: TG Thorn - to HQ STC.

Group Captains: CB Adcock - to RAF Newton; DRG Forsyth - to MU RAF Quedgeley; JCO Luke - to MOD; MW Ball - to HQ 2 Gp; EG Samuel - to HQ 2 Gp; R. Springett to Harrogate; AW Pritchard to HQ 2 Gp; MH Shields - to RAF Buchan; JJ Whitfield - to MOD RAF PMC; PTW Leaning - to 14 MU Carlisle; WJ Pike - to MOD.

Wing Commanders: G Ware - to RAF Wittering; DAW Pearson - to MOD Navy Victualling.