Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Rear-Admirals: JR Brigstocke - Chief of Naval Staff; NE Rankin - Flag Officer Portsmouth.

Captains: IW Craig - MOD London in the rank of Commodore; NR Hodgson - MOD London in the rank of Commodore.

Surgeon Captain (D): J. Hargreaves - Staff of CINCFLEET.


Brigadiers: TW Terry to MOD; K. O'Donoghue to SHAPE STAFF (BAE); MR Raworth to be Comd Arty 3 (UK) Div HQ & Sig Regt.

Colonels: RJ Lawson to be DA/MA Buenos Aires; JL Seddon-Brown to be DA MALAYSIA; H. Grenville-Jones to MOD; RK Williams to RSA.

Lieutenant-Colonels: MJ Dent R SIGNALS to HQ Trg Gp R SIGNALS; GBL Fox RCT to DS Staff Coll Australia; TOG Stokes RA to BMATT Zimbabwe; PRP Swanson PWRR to be CO 8 QF; LRJ Tilson R SIGNALS to be OC RSDT 8 Sig Regt.


Air Commodores: CF Cooper to MOD; PM Stean to AIR CADETS; R. Bogg to HQ LANCENT; P. Millar to HQ AIRCENT.