Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Commodore JH Dunt, to be promoted Rear-Admiral and to be Director General Fleet Support (Operations and Plans) in succession to Rear-Admiral GN Davis.

Captains: JD Bass - Staff of CINCFLEET; AM Gregory - MOD (Central Staffs); RL Guy - MOD (Central Staffs); LC Hopkins - York; MA Johnson - Staff of FO Plymouth in rank of Cdre; PG Kerr - Bath; PM Malbon - Staff of CINCFLEET; SR Meyer - MOD London.

Lieutenant-Colonel: AM Mason - RM Poole.

Commanders: N. Beadnell - Torbay in Cmd; PM Cheeseman - MOD Bath; JA Collins - MOD London; DJ Cooke - MOD London; JB Cunnison - MOD Portsmouth; J. Donaldson - JFOS Wilton; HAHG Edleston - Staff of FOSF; NS Holden - Nato Europe; CG Massie- Taylor - MOD London; A. Menzies - MOD London; DS Morris - MOD London; CCG Sharp - Seahawk; DL Stanesby - Nato Europe; MD Tarr MOD London; DA Wines - MOD London.

Surgeon Commander: SS Ridout - Staff of FO Portsmouth.

Retirements: Capt PN Goodwin; Surgeon Commander (D) CJ Woodward; Chaplain AM Ross.


Brigadiers: CL Elliott; AP Ridgway - to be Comd 7 Armd Bde; MG Douglas-Withers - to MOD.

Colonels: DP Belcher - to SHAPE; CM Mayers later QARANC - to RHQ QARANC; TE O'Donnell - to be CO CPO BAOR; NDA Seymour - to be Comd BATUS MAIN; JAMA Selfe - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: AG Chalmers REME - SEME; DW Dobson R Signals - to Royal Vict Hosp Netley; RA Hills RE - to TE Diving Est RSME; D. Maddison REME - to BLO Post USA; TJB Sinclair RA - to be CO Glasgow and S'clyde UOTC; JE Thomas R Signals - to be CO 30 Sig Regt; JB Kennedy QARANC - to HQ Wales & W District; PM Watson QARANC - to QEMH; NW Beswick RRF - to UK Mil Rep & Staff BRUSSELS; IO Blackwell AGC (ETS) - to ETS Br HQ DGAGG; RB Hawken RE - to MOD; MR Healey RA - to HQ UKLF; RG Howard AGC(SPS) - to MOD; CR Langton IG - to BLO Appt US; AD Morris REME - to MOD; JA Sheldon QLR - to HQ AFCENT (Staff); PR Wilkinson RA - to MOD.

Retirements: Brigadier P. Jones late RA; Col MT Cook late 10 GR; Col JAN Croft late RE(SVY); Col MP Walker late INT Corps; Col REW Walsh late RA.


Group Captains: DM Niven - to HQSTC; DJ Jones - to MOD.

Wing Commanders: JD Martin - to BDS Washington; SG Dorward - to MOD ACDS OR(AIR); KJ Burgess to HQ AAFCE RAMSTEIN; RMS Cook - to HQRAFSC; IF Harper - to SHAPE; NG Fox - to JFHQ PERM PLAN: AJ Pulfrey - to HQSTC; DJ Drew - to MOD DCDS; DR Herriot - to MOD ACDS(OR) (AIR); MA Leakey - to HQ 2 Gp; A. Hendrie - to MOD (DSMD); R. Lythaby - to HQ AAFCE RAMSTEIN; K. Richardson - to HQSTC; P. Darbyshire - to HQRAFSC; CL Dawson - to RAF THATCHAM.