Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captains: RC Lane-Nott - MOD London to be Rear-Admiral; RG Hastilow - Invincible in Cmd; RA Highton - to MOD Yeovilton; AW Netherclift - Portsmouth.

Commander: BN Darch - MOD London; NC Jackson - MOD London.

Surgeon Commander (D): RM Stevenson - Illustrious; DL Thomas - Ark Royal.

Surgeon Commander: A. Yates - Ark Royal.

Retirements: Commander JW Beatty; Commander JA Strain; Commander AT White.


Brigadier: LD Curran - to MOD.

Colonels: BF Cox - to 21 Liaison HQ France; JCW Williams - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: MD Chambers R ANGLIAN - to be CO QUEENS Univ OTC; JRW Dutton RA - to RMCS; ID Edwards RE - to be Comd Engr HQ Mil Wks Fce; AM Gibson AAC - to be CO 1 Regt AAC; CN Guthkelch RE - to RAF Staff Coll (Staff); NJH Hinton 2GR - to be CO 6 GR; AWHH Macleod RE - to be CO 38 Engr Regt; MFN MAns RE - to be CO 21 Engr Regt; CJ Martindill AGC(ETS) - to be Comd AES Cyprus.


Wing Commanders: ER Hannaford - to NATO STAFF NORTHWOOD; JR Jones - to NOD/D AIR DEF; W. Rice - to RAF PMC; PD Wilson - to HQRAFSC; KL Sherit - to RAF Halton; JD Bell - to RAF Innsworth; JG Wheatcroft - to D SPT(POL) (RAF).