Service appointments

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Rear-Admiral R. Walmsley, to be promoted Vice-Admiral and to be Controller of the Navy in succession to Admiral Sir Kenneth Eaton in May 1994. This appointment carries with it membership of the Admiralty Board of the Defence


Rear-Admiral MB Rutherford, to be promoted Vice-Admiral and to be Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Systems) in succession to Air Marshal Sir Roger Austin in March 1994.

Commodore FP Scourse, to be promoted Rear-Admiral and to be Director General Surface Ships in succession to Mr CV Betts in April 1994.

Principal Nursing Officer CM Taylor ARRC QARNNS, to be Director of Naval Nursing Services and Matron-in-Chief QARNNS in succession to Commandant Nursing Officer J. Titley RRC QHNO on 14 February 1994.


Brigadiers: RJ Heywood - to HQ Londist; MS Jameson - to be Comd 51 Highland BDE.

Colonels: MA Corbet Burcher - to MOD; BJ Dickson - to be Comdt CAD KINETON; GN Donaldson - to HQ Wales & W DIST; JC Longfield - to HQ DRA.

Lieutenant-Colonels: CA Cocker R Anglian - to be CO Sec UKSC; CP Conlon R Signals - to RSA Larkhill; GA Fryatt RA - to HQ Episkopi Gar; VG Iwanek RE - to be Comd Rheindahlen Sup Unit (A); DG Ross A and SH - to HQ Scotland; JDK Russell PWRR - to be CO 1 PWRR; CG Stallard R Anglian - to be DA/MA Vienna.

Retirements: Colonel GM Gadd Late RAPC.


Group Captains: JK Newton - to NAMMA Munich; RA Plummer - to HQ 6ATAF; AR Thompson - to RAF PMC Innsworth; BA Wright - to MOD.

Wing Commanders: GW Davies - to MOD; BJ Forward - to RAF (H) Wegberg.