Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captains: CJ Childs - MOD London; RG Kerr - MOD Bath; PJ Pacey - MOD Portsmouth.

Surgeon Captain: DL Swain - Nelson.

Commanders: PM Flutter - Nato Greece; IA Gibson - Loan Oman; DE Habershon - Nato USA; PA Jackson - MOD London; G. Marshall - RNH Haslar; RAN Palmer - RNAS Yeovilton.

Surgeon Commander: EHMB Doyle - BF Gibraltar.

Chaplain: T. Devamanikkan - Neptune.

Retirements: Capt PL Jack; Capt RA Smith; Acting Capt R. Higgins; Commander M. Maddox; Commander WN Watson.


Field Marshal Sir Richard Vincent, to be Chairman of the North Atlantic Military Committee, in succession to General V. Eide.

Maj-Gen DFE Botting, to be Colonel Commandant Royal Army Ordnance Corps.

Brigadier: JM MacFarland - to be DETS(A).

Lieutenant-Colonels: CR Bradley RAOC - to HQ EDIST; SF Thornton RAOC - to COD BICESTER; PEO'R-B. Davidson-Houston Derr - to HQ ARRC; AD Forster R SIGNALS - to be CO 2 SIGNAL REGT; R. Boothroyd RA - to BATUS Main.

Retirements: Brigadier G. Coxon Late Derr; Col CJ Sellers Late RCT; Lt-Col A. Padwell; Lt- Col NA Johnson RAMC.


Wing Commanders: SW Cadogan - to SC Bracknell; CR Hall - to HQSTC; RM Harris - to HQ RAFSC; PR Wooldord - to Ordnance Board.