Service appointments

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Admiral Sir Julian Oswald, to be Admiral of the Fleet.

Captains: RA Hirst - to MOD Bath.

Surgeon Captains: GHG McMillan - RNH Haslar.

Commanders: MG Bates - Staff of CINCNAVHOME HQ; NLP Bernier - Collingwood; MW Butcher - Fearless; NJK Crews - Devonport; JN Ferguson - Staff of FOSM Faslane; CJ Hyldon - Staff of CINCFLEET; RJ Ibbotson - MOD London WRS Jenkins - to MOD London; F. Morris - RNEWOS Wyton in Cmd; DW Pond - to MOD London; EA Rowe - Nato Italy; JG Tottenham - Staff of FOSM Northwood.

Retirements: Commander PAC Clarke; Commander AC Quade.


Brigadier: TR Wright - to MOD.

Colonels: JB Bennett - to HQ RSME; ED Powell-Jones - to be DA DHAKA.

Lieutenant-Colonels: MAPS Amberton RAMC - to HQ UK SC (Fwd); GS Dhatt RAMC - to QEMH; RKJ Forber RAMC - to 4 Armd Div HQ and Sig Regt; D. Gosh RAMC - to Ram Coll; TF Pope RAMC - to HQ UKLF; P. Rogers RADC - to 6 Dent GP; U. Bhaskaran RAMC - to DKMH Catterick; DN Faithfull-Davies RAMC - to Cambridge Mil Hosp; AB Gillham - to Cambridge Mil Hosp; RG Cartwright Gren GDS - to Misc Appts (Home); VCM Frazer RAOC - to SHAPE Staff (BAE); MJW Grubb LI - to be CO 2 LI; JFB Sharples Scots DG - to CATC; MD Webb AAC - to HQ AAC; A. Briard Derr - to MOD; MH Lewington RAOC - to UNHCR; SJ Tetlow REME - to RMCS.

Retirements: Brigadier CJD Bullock Late 6 GR; Brigadier RWS Hall Late RA; Briagadoer DJK Rush Late REME; Col JJ Bannister Late ACC; Col PCE Fishbourne Late Scots DG.


Air Vice-Marshal CG Terry, to be Director General of Support Management (RAF), in succession to Air Vice-Marshal CP Baker.

Group Captains: BC Laite - to HQ 18 Gp; TG Sidebottom - to MOD; DM Wesley - to Harrogate.

Wing Commanders: SW Austin-Vautier - to MOD AFD; JB Hastings - to D SPT(POL) (RAF); RI Hogg - to MOD(PE); WJ Rush - to IS of TT Halton; RA Bealer - to MOD DGMSI; MG Richardson - to HQSTC; R. Lunn - to HQ 38 Gp; JH Dickenson - to 617 Sqn Marham; IT Denholm - to HQSTC.