Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Brigadier: AG Ross - to HQ Londist/5 RBG AFHQ; CD Farrar-Hockley - to be Comdt School of Inf (Warminster); A. de CL Leask - to MOD; JH Griffin - to be Comd Royal School of Signals.

Colonels: GRS Broke - to HQ AFCENT (Staff); MA Grant Haworth - to MOD; GM Mansell-Ward - to Dg Sp(A); PA Davis - to HQ BFHK; (L/Brig) RDHH Greenwood Late QOH; MC Allen Late 10 GR; AEW Stormer Late RCT.

Lieutenant-Colonel: JS Duncan AGC(SPS) - to HQ BAOR; IO Blackwell AGC(ETS) - to MOD; CH Braithwaite LD - to RMCS; RM Crombie R SIGNALS - to be Comd Queens Gurkha Sig Regt; JS Davies RCT - to MOD; DJ Hobden RA - to MOD; MC Parkes AGC(ETS) - to Res Adv Sve; TEM Richardson R SIGNALS - to RMCS; JT Smith R SIGNALS - to MOD; GC Taylor AGC(ETS) - to Res Adv Svc; TJ Wilton RA - to HQ UKLF; AB Barton RCT - to be CO 8 Regt RCT; C. Hack AGC(ETS) - to MOD; MJ Wright AGC(ETS) - to RMCS.

Retirements: Brigadier GC Arnold Late RA; Brigadier EH Barker Late RE; Col JR Clifton-Bligh Late 14/20H; Col DA Jones Late RAPC; Col CA Marriott Late WRAC.