Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Vice-Admiral: Sir Kenneth Eaton - to be promoted Admiral.

Commodore: MP Gretton - COMUKTG to be promoted Rear Admiral.

Captain: JJ Blackman - CINCNAVHOME HQ to be promoted Rear Admiral.

Commanders: KJ Borley - MOD London; BG Carter - MOD Bath; MGS Curran - Portland; DJR Dickens - Boxer in Cmd; C. Field - MOD Gosport; JWR Grant - MOD London.

Surgeon Commander:JWR Grant - MOD London.

Retirements: Capt JEK Ellis; Capt NA Hoskin; Capt JR Jameson; Capt TAW Lewis; Capt AT Lightoller; Capt I. McKechnie; Capt JC Mearns; Capt BL Neville; Capt JA Roberts; Capt MJ Sant; Capt JB Taylor; Acting Capt GASC Wilson; Commander BJP Healy; Commander J. McCulloch; Commander AD Michener; Commander RGW Nice; Commander MJ Norman; Commander RH Purcell; Commander WR Pym; Commander AC Quade; Commander PG Ritchie; Commander DJ Robb; Commander DJ Robertson; Commander NC Smith; Commander WN Smith; Commander GV Sitwell; Commander AJ South; Commander MR Swales; Commander AFL Watson; Commander AR Welton; Commander MJ Wighting.


Brigadiers: SMA Lee - to HQ Bde of Gurkhas; PA Little - to HQ BAOR; MG Taylor - to MOD; MH Daly - to DKMH Catterick & 34 Evac Hosp 160193.

Colonels: PC Pearson - to HQ JKLF; MG Le G. Bridges - to MOD; CP Newlyn -to be Dental Offr DKMH Catterick & 34 Evac Hosp 160193; J. Egan - to be Comd RAMC Trg Gp & RHQ RAMC 040193; DS Jolliffe - to be CO Cambridge Mil Hosp 040193; JC Richardson - to be OC Mil Wing Musgrave Park Hosp 040193; A. Curran - to Royal Army Medical College 110193.

Lieutenant-Colonels: CJ Nisbet RA - to DAT Posts Misc Appts (home); ME A. Syms RCT - to RMAS; A. Taylor RAOC - to RMCS SHRIVENHAM; JC Young R SIGNALS - to be MA/AA THE HAGUE; BM Davies - to be Dental Offr Royal Brunei Armed Forces 060193; RM Jones - to be Cambridge Mil Hosp (Path) 040193; SN Saggar - to Mil Wing Musgrave Park Hosp 110193; BP Bergman - to HQ E Dist 180193; HWG Lantos - to Royal Army Medical College 230193.

Retirements: Brigadier BR Cooper late REME; Col RH Bellis late REME; RJB Heard late R IRISH; Col LJK Essel late RADC 311292; Col MB Mummery late RAMC 300193; Lt-Col KA Howlett RAMC 311292; Lt- Col RJ Windess RAMC 260193.


Air Vice-Marshal PT Squire, to be Air Officer Commanding Headquarters No 1 Gp in Succession to Air Vice-Marshal RE Johns.

Group Captains: RJ Pye - to 16 MU RAF STAFFORD: AJ Gross - to MOD; MA Molloy - to MOD; TJ Beney - to HQRAFSC.

Wing Commanders: GM Morris - to MOD AFD; DJ Stanley - to RAF GERMANY; CRL Bell - to DDSM 8 (RAF); HE Britten- Austin - to RAF SIGS ESTAB; J. Brown - to CSDE SWANTON MORLEY; NW Gammon - to RAF WADDINGTON; IJ Purnell - to No 2 TWU CHIVENOR; AJ Smith - to DDSM(ENG)6(RAF); CWP Spear - HQ RAFCE RAMSTEIN; MA Thorley - to D of R&S(RAF)OASC; GM Watson - to RAF LEUCHARS; JC Wildman - to HQ RAFCE RAMSTEIN; DN Williams - to MOD (PE) SAP RIYADH; BM Wynn - to 399 SU DIGBY: PA Barrett - to MOD AFD DAFSD; GA Miller - to MOD/D AIR OFF; MP Cocksedge - to ROYAL COLL DEF STUDIES; TJ Wood - to MOD ACDS OR(AIR); GL Thurston - to HONINGTON.

Royal Air Force

Junior Regiment

Officers' Course

The following officers from the No 1/92 Junior Regiment Officers' Course graduated at the RAF Regiment Depot, RAF Catterick, on 17 December 1992. The Reviewing Officer was Air Vice-Marshal DR Hawkins, Commandant-General of the RAF Regiment.

Kapuscinski Sword: Flying Officer Lee Taylor RAF.

Vaux Trophy: Pilot Officer Fergus Garwood RAF.

Graduating Officers: Pilot Officer GD Garwood RAF; Flying Officer AN Jones RAF; Pilot Officer RP Lumb RAF; Flying Officer NA Rawsthorne BA RAF; Flying Officer LB Taylor RAF; Pilot Officer DO Williams RAF.