Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Surgeon Captain: A. Craig - MOD Gosport to be promoted Surgeon Rear-Admiral.

Captains: J. Chadwick - MOD Portland; SW Graham - staff of FOST; JR Smith - Capt I/C Gib.

Commanders: WRJ Cirin - Defiance; MG M. Manning - MOD London; RA Mark - Devonport; IS McKenzie - Staff of FONA; AS Miklinski - RM Poole; MJ Mullane - MOD London; CD Stockman - Repulse in Cmd; RJ Ralbot - Collingwood; IPG Tibbitt - MOD London.

Surgeon Commanders: RJ Clark - RNH Gibraltar; WM Edmondstone - RNH Gibraltar; ARP Miller - RNH Gibraltar.

Chaplain: SP Springett - Warrior.

Retirements: Capt K. Hindle; Commander JD Gale; Commander DP Guy; Commander MJ Hakes; Commander JM Hakes; Commander JM Hart; Commander GC Herbert; Commander S. Hulland; Commander HM Humphreys; Commander T. Jones; Commander RE Liddiard; Commander CA Lowther; Chaplain IW Rutherford.


Brigadiers: DJ Innes - to be Comd HQ Bulford Area; AD Thompson - to be Comd ETS UKLF.

Colonels: DJ Lowe - to MOD; EG Mercer - to HQ UKLF; ND Ross - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: SC Court RE - to be CO HQ RSME; KJ Hadfield R SIGNALS - to SHAPE Staff (BAE); JH O'Hare RAOC - to be CO 9 Ord Bn; IAM Ross RE(SVY) - to 42 Svy Eng Gp; MK STRETCH R SIGNALS - to be CO 34(N) Sig Regt; IC Macfarlance RCT - to UK Mil Rep Staff Brussels.


Air Vice-Marshal RE Johns, to be Chief of Staff/Deputy Commander in Chief Strike Command in the rank of Air Marshal, in succession to Air Marshal Sir John Kemball.