Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Rear-Admiral PC Abbott, to be promoted Vice-Admiral and to be Deputy Supreme Allied Comander Atlantic in succession to Vice-Admiral Sir Peter Woodhead KCB, November 1993.


Colonels: MJ Capper - to MOD; DH Smith Late RADC.

Lieutenant-Colonels: NS Coombe RTR - to MOD; AJR Jackson R IRISH - to MOD; RL Jagger REME - to be Comd Maintenance HQ SCOTLAND; PGJ Keating AGC(SPS) - to AG Corps Centre; RC Lloyd-Williams LI - to be CO7 LI; GJJ McFall PARA - to be Co I PARA; MD Wood RLC - to Staff Coll; MWB Faulkner RDG - to Staff Coll; CA Findlay AGC(PRO) - to be CO SIB BAOR; D. McDowall R SIGNALS - to be CO 7 Sig Regt; AF Thomson REME - to MOD; JS Clements RADC to HQ & Central Gp RADC; SJ Isherwood RADC to Berlin Inf Bde.

Retirements: Col MF Brembridge Late RA (Granted Hon Rank Brigadier); Col RSB Watson Late RS; Col DH Smith late RADC; Lt-Col RE Nelson RAMC.