Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captains: DR Miller - Yeovilton; K. Watterson - Neptune.

Commanders: ; G. Webster - Renown (Port) in Cmd; RD Boag - Staff of FONA Linton on Ouse; RW Ditchfield - Staff of CINCFLEET; CJ Holgate - Staff of FOSF.

Retirements: Commodore RF James; Surgeon Commodore JM Beeley; Commander JE Butterfield; Commander MF Jordan; Chaplain JL Joughin.


Colonels: AT Brooke-Webb - to HQ UKLF; G. Wilkinson - to be Comdt AS of C.

Lieutenant-Colonels: JS Clements RADC to II Dent Gp; JR Cawthorne RLC - to HQ AFCENT (Staff); RJ Ebdon R SIGNALS - to SANGCOM; PM Garland REME - to HQ BAOR; JSA Henderson R SIGNALS - to be CO 36 Sig Regt; RH Illingworth RDG - to HQ DRAC; NR Plowright RLC - to be BELIZE Log Bn; RH Smitherman RE - to MOD; AG Whiddett R SIGNALS - to Sch of Inf (Warminster); JP Whitton RA Ch D - to RACh D Cen; WJ Williams RRF - to BMM SANG SAUDI ARABIA; MPL Yeoman REME - to MOD; P. Hutchinson PWO - to HQ ALDERSHOT Area: APB Lake DERR - to be CO 1 Wessex; WEB Loudon RHF - to MOD; J. Potter RHF - to be CO 5 IRISH; WG Prior RA - to RMCS.

Retirements: Col RS Halford Late RADC; Col BJ Austin Late R SIGNALS; Col RL Giles Late GLOSTERS: Col GM Longdon Late PWO. Lt-Col S. Yogananthan RAMC.


Air Commodore: DFA Henderson - to HQ STC.

Wing Commanders: PGH Hodcroft - to RAF BENSON; RW White - to HQ STC; PC Dingwall - to HQ RAFSC; MGL Wooldridge - to II MU CHILMARK.

Group Captains: GA Paterson - to MOD; NM Evans - to HQSTC.