Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Commodore: DJ Wood - ADC to HM the Queen.

Surgeon Captain: AR Marsh - RNH Haslar.

Lieutenant-Colonel: D. Wilson - Condor in Cmd.

Commanders: TJA Forster - Southampton in Cmd, K. Howell - MOD Barrow; JR Ware - Poole; RJS Wykes-Sneyd - SA Lisbon.

Chaplains: GW Craig - MOD London; GM Elmore - Raleigh; DH Goodburn - Collingwood; AJF Metters - Heron; IF Naylor - Dryad; SP Springett - Staff of FO Portsmouth.

Retirements: Commander RE Stainbank; Surgeon Commander (D) IL Kelly.


Brigadiers: NM Prideaux - to be DA/MA Athens; MS White CBE - to be Director of Support LANDCENT in the rank of Major-General.

Colonels: SAS Hill - to CMTT GHANA; CK Price - to RMAS; JJ Keeling - to MOD; DJ Wills - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: DHM Briggs 6 GR - to MOD; AJ Miller-Bakewell RHG/D - to HQ LONDIST: AR Philp REME - to be Comd Maint HQ REME (Avn) UK; GJ Whitty RE - to be CO 10 Engr Regt (EOD)(V); CO Hodges Kings - to Staff Coll; SV Mayall LD - to Shape Staff (BAE); FG Moss Staffords - to be CO 3 Staffords.

Retirements: Col JRM Townsend Late WFR; Col EAJ Gardener Late PARA.


Air Commodore: KB Latton - to HQ RAFSC.

Group Captains: RHO Johnson - to MOD; G. Castle - to HQ STC; RSR Lloyd - to HQ RAFSC.

Wing Commanders: G. Griffiths - to HQ RAFSC; DB Cannon HQ RAFSC; JA Hall - to 8SQN Waddington; RA Forrester - to SHAPE.