Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captains: S. Lidbetter - Cumberland in Cmd; RM Turner - Osprey in Cmd.

Commander: J. Blackett - Staff of CINCFLEET; MI Horrell - Illustrious; TJ Hutchinson - MOD Bath; GR Johnson - MOD London; JA Kongialis - MOD London; PS Marley - Staff of CINCNAVHOME; CF Mervik - MOD London; DA Phillips - Endurance in Cmd; RB Turner - MOD Bath.

Retirements: Commander WJ Burling; Commander PW Hammond.


Brigadiers: CD Daukes - to MOD; APA Grant Peterkin - to be Comd 24 Airmobile Bde; RM Hardies to RAM College.

Colonels: WM Davidson - to HQ UKLF; GNR Sayle - to be DA/MA CAIRO; RA Wright - to SANGCOM.

Lieutenant Colonels: GW Dawson RE - to be CO HQ RSME; RH East KRH - to BLO FRG; CMG Elcomb LI - to MOD; RJJ Ellis R SIGNALS - to MOD; MP Manson RA - to RMCS; KR Pople AAC - to MOD; RG Cartwright Gren GDS - to RNSC Greenwich; AC Rutherford to 19 Inf Bde Fd Amb.

Retirements: Col WF Charlesworth Late DWR; Col OJM Lindsay Late Gren GDS; Col CG Peacocke QDG.


Air Commodore: CR Spink - to HQ 11 Gp.

Group Captains: JG Stevenson - to HQ BALTAP.

Wing Commanders: S. Utley - to MOD; GO Morgan - to RAF Farnborough; PJ Holden - to MOD AFD; CGR Greaves - to MOD(PE) D/FLYING: MD Rhodes to RAF Rudloe Manor.