Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captains: JR Cartright - Nato; AK Dymock - MOD; GBD Lane - Campbeltown in Cmd; CJN Morrison - Rosyth; AJS Taylor - Fearless in Cmd.

Commanders: RE Burgess - MOD; AM Hussain - MOD; SC Jermy - MOD; WEP Jones - Neptune; SR Kirby - Nato; JH Morgan - MOD Portsdown; RT Stanton - Rosyth; PJ Unwin - Nelson w Island.

Retirements: Surgeon Commodore B. Robinson; Commander CA Scott.


Brigadier: CF Drewry - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: LGA Clarke to RAM College; JB Kennedy to Depot & Training Centre QARANC; HWG Lantos to HQ Wales & Western District; RA Bencini RAMC to New Territories Group Practice; CN James RADC to 3 Dental Group; JR Barnes RCT - to MOD; WG Dover RCT - to FRG MOD; NB Josling RAOC - to MOD; DA Lynam R Signals - to be CO 21 Sig Regt; ARR McAslan RE - to be CO Cardiff UOTC; RW Ewence RA - to RA Gunnery Training Establishment.

Retirements: Col KD Printer late RAMC; J. Bradshaw late RAMC; Lt-Col K Thilagarajah RAMC.


Air Vice-Marshal GA Robertson, appointed Air Officer Commanding No 2 Group on 1 April 1993.

Air Commodore: HA Wober - to MOD.

Group Captains: NJ Day - to RAF Lossiemouth; RV Morris - to RAF Honington.

Wing Commanders: JL Pilkington - to 30 Mu Sealand; J. Dyer - to RAF Rheindahlen; PJ Hilling - to RAF Brize Norton.