Service appointments

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Rear-Admiral JJR Tod, to be promoted Vice-Admiral and to be Deputy Commander Fleet in succession to Vice-Admiral Sir Geoffrey Biggs, June 1994.

Capt DAJ Blackburn RN, to be promoted Rear-Admiral and to be Head of the British Defence Staff Washington in succession to Air Vice-Marshal P. Dodworth, April 1994.


Commodore: CMC Crawford - Collingwood in Cmd.

Captains: GK Billson - Dryad MTS; L. Redstone - Centurion; RF Strange - Dolphin as Captain; RJ Tempest - SA Brazil.

Commanders: AW Backhouse - Exch Australia; BP Boxall-Hunt - NATO Italy; AC Herdman - Staff of FOSNI; IR Hewitt - Neptune; R. Lamb - MOD London; R. Madge - MOD London; JL Milnes - MOD Bath; RC Pelly - DOAE W Byfleet; DM Perfect - Staff of FOSM; ISH Richards - Repulse (stbd) in Cmd; M. Storey - MOD London.

Local Lieutenant-Colonel: PN Ward - JWS Poole.

Major: RGT Lane - Exch USA.

Chaplain: D. Barlow - RNH Haslar.

Retirements: Capt CJS Craig; Capt TM Le Marchand; Capt RJ Sandford; Surgeon Captain MJ Mann.


Air Commodores: SA Baldwin - to Shape; JB Simmonds - to HQ RAFSC.

Group Captains: JV Bell - to New Delhi; MJ Marlow-Spalding - to MOD; SB Schofield - to MOD; C. Thirlwall - to HQ RAFSC; JW Thorpe - to A&AEE Boscombe Down; GA Woolley - to RAFC Cranwell.

Wing Commanders: NA Bairsto - to RAF Leeming; MC Barter - to 7 Sqn Odiham; NC Brewer - to MATO Uxbridge; T. Bufton - to HQSTC; DJR Cole - to MOD AFD; B. Dove - to Cabinet Office; GR Evans - to MOD DCDS(S); JC Gardner - to RAF Brize Norton; J. Lamonte - to D. Air Plans; CR Pitt - to MOD AFD/D Air Off; JMM Ponsonby - to MOD/D Air Off; BE Rogers - to HQ 11 Gp; PJ Scullion - to HQ RAFSC; AWJ Stewart - to 201 Sqn Kinloss; MJ Stokes - to DACU London; MH Wood - HQRAFSC.