Service appointments

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Rear-Admiral MAC Moore, to be promoted Vice-Admiral and to be Chief of Staff to Commander Allied Naval Forces Southern Europe in succession to Vice-Admiral Sir David Dobson, January 1994.

Rear-Admiral R. Walmsley, to be promoted Vice-Admiral and to be Controller of the Navy in succession to Admiral Sir Kenneth Eaton, May 1994. This appointment carries with it membership of the Admiralty Board of the Defence Council.

Rear-Admiral MG Rutherford, to be promoted Vice-Admiral and to be Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Systems), March 1994.

Commodore FP Scourse, to be promoted Rear-Admiral and to be Director General Surface Ships in succession to Mr CV Betts, April 1994.


Brigadiers: CD Parkinson - to MOD; PCC Trousdell - to MOD.

Colonels: SFN Miller - to 10 Dent Gp; M. O'Donoghue - to MOD.

Lieutenant Colonels: SRP Ford RDG - D&M Sch RAC Cen; JL Kelly RHF - to MOD; CG Le Brun PWO - to be CO 1 PWO; NR Parker RGJ - to be CO 2 RGJ; J. Richards RAF - to MOD.

Retirements: Colonel CM Ayers Late QARANC; Brigadier AE Berry RGJ; Colonel RC Deacon Late RAMC; Brigadier G. Hyde Late RE; Colonel WH Leach Late RAMC; Colonel E. Mulley Late R Signals; Colonel RDK Thompson Late R Signals.


Air Commodores: GL McRobbie - to MOD; AA Nicholson - to HQ RAFSC; MD Pledger - to HQ STC; JL Uprichard - to MOD.

Group Captains: PA Crawford - to RAF Odiham; WMN Cross - to Newton; DC Hencken - to Brussels; CP Igoe - to JMOTS Turnhouse; G. Jones - to SHAPE; JRD Morley - to RAF Northolt; GD Simpson - to RAF Waddington.

Wing Commanders: SD Black - to RAF Coningsby; AB Crockatt - to 7FTS Chivenor; L. Duff - to RAF PMC; PD Scoffham - to MOD ACDS (Prog).