Service appointments

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Capt PK Haddacks, Royal Navy, to be promoted Rear-Admiral and to be Assistant Chief of Staff (Policy and Requirements) to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, in succession to Air Vice-Marshal JA Cheshire CBE in February 1994.


Captains: P. Branscombe - MOD London in the rank of Commodore; BB Perowne COMDLYDE in the rank of Commodore.

Commanders: HAHG Edleston - MOD London; RC Seaward - NATO Italy; RA Soar - staff of FOSM.

Surgeon Commander: JF Hart - Heron.

Retirements: Capt CW Pezzey; Capt CW Pile; Capt MP Sauvage; Capt G. Sullivan; Capt RC Swales; Commander PG Miller; Commander J. Mulholland; Commander JDM Osborne; Commander P. Searle; Commander J. Stenton; Commander D. Strawford; Commander NP Turner; Commander T. Waddington; Commander DR Warren; Commander P. Woodings; Commander GJ Wordley.


Colonels: D. Bunney - to be Regt Pmr RPO York; MGR Hodson - to MOD; JGH Robertson - to MOD; D. Kirkwood - to be Ch Pmr APO (Offrs Accts); CH White - to be Comd HQ BVO.

Lieutenant-Colonels: MR Bromley Gardner QRH - to Wales and WDIST; BJ Burgess RLC - to RLC MRO(N); NA Collett 6 GR - to HQ UKLF; MD Cooper RE - to MOD; MH Diggins RADC - to 3 Dent Gp; HN Fairman KRH - to MOD; TR Hamilton-Baillie RGJ - to MOD; PJ Hryhoruk R Signals - to HQ AFCENT (Staff); DB Jones R Signals - to MOD; DGV Morley AAC - to HQ DAAC; AH Steele RE - to 12 Engr Bde; AFI Shepherd RAMC - to DKMH Catterick.

Retirements: Col WGC Bowles Late 14/20H; Col TH English Late RAPC.


Air Vice-Marshals: RH Kyle - to be Air Officer Maintenance at HQ RAF Support Command, in succession to Air Vice-Marshal DR French.

Air Commodores: PJ Miller - to HRAFSC; PC Ayee - to RAFSEE.

Wing Commanders: DFW Ackroyd - to RAF Uxbridge; GP Howell - to RAF Uxbridge; JN Scholefield - to RAF Uxbridge; IJO Maceachern - to HQSTC; SD Milnes - to RAF Uxbridge; DM Barr - to HQSTC.